Originally this website was meant as more of a showcase for my images than anything else. I have made prints available partially due to requests, and also as a way to offset the costs of my photographic equipment. Orders can be places on the purchase page of each photo, or through email if you have specific needs and/or requests.

All photos are printed on professional Fuji Crystal Archive paper. This paper has excellent whiteness, highlight, and shadow depth qualities, resulting in high gloss, bright, sharp, colorful prints with stunning impact. It has long been considered the best photographic paper and its fade resistance is three times better than other major brands. Tests on photographic prints have shown that Fuji Crystal Archive paper will last 60-70 years before any fading is seen. The next closest paper was estimated to last only 20 years before fading becomes apparent.

Additional information can be found by visiting the Fuji website or by visiting the Wilhelm Imaging Research website which conducts research and studies on the stability and preservation of color photographs.


All the images shown on this site have been greatly reduced in size, in order to improve load times, and limit bandwidth usage. As such, they are not fully representative of the quality of the final print. File sizes for enlargements quite often exceed 100mb.

All the images that are available for print have been shot with high-quality lenses using a RAW color-managed workflow. RAW files are lossless and do not suffer from degradations that occur in jpegs or other "lossy" formats.

All photos are processed in the ProPhoto RGB color space to retain maximum gamut, and are then converted to the output media space as a final step. Most digital SLR sensors can capture colors outside the common Adobe RGB color space, hence the need for the much bigger ProPhoto RGB gamut. If you would like more information on my workflow you can read this article, or if you have specific questions, feel free to contact me.