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Color Noise

All digital cameras suffer from some amount of digital noise. This can be apparent as a black and white noise and color noise or blooming. Black and white noise is rather easy to deal with and in some cases adds feel to a photograph that can resemble film. Color noise however is very unsightly and generally hard to get rid of. Using a plug-in like Noise Ninja for Photoshop is one way to clean up both luminescent and color noise prior to editing. If you don't feel like spending the money, here is a good alternative procedure for getting rid of color noise.
Here is what you do.
Open your image in Photoshop and apply the Median filter to the entire image. This command is found under Filter -> Noise -> Median.
What you want to do is smear the colors evenly to blur all the noise. To do this, you enter a Radius value that will result in the color splotches blending together. The Radius amount will vary image to image so feel free to adjust as necessary. Just remember not to overdo it.
Now click Edit -> Fade Median.
Change Blend Mode to Color.
Simple and effective alternative to a third-party program.


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