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Petr VodnakMy interest in photography was first sparked by my dad when I was a small boy. I remember the evenings after a long hike in the mountains watching my dad as he developed his own black and white pictures in our bathroom/darkroom. At the time we lived in the Czech Republic and I was unable to afford a camera so I learned by eagerly watching my dad enjoy his passionate hobby.

Once we came to Canada I got my first film camera in Grade 7. It was just a small film point and shoot but it took some great pictures. Over the next couple of years I had a couple of small film cameras though I never seemed to have enough to make that film SLR purchase.

During high school I used my dads Canon Elan camera, though at the rate at which I was going through film it was a little cost prohibitive. After high school I had a score of small digital cameras starting with a Casio 3mp point and shoot and ending with a Canon Powershot Pro1. No matter how hard I tried none of these cameras did exactly what I wanted.

Finally I decided to purchase a DSLR. My first was a Nikon D70.This camera was my faithful companion for over two years and was then replaced by my trusty Nikon D200. I shoot mostly with Nikon glass, the exception being my two Tamron macro lenses which I like for their superb sharpness and Bokeh.

Shooting with the D70 was a good learning experience and the D200 continues that tradition. There is always something new to learn about the camera and different ways of doing things...

Shooting digital allows for a lot more experience and practice and makes sharing your images with friends a lot easier. I hope you enjoy them as much as they do.

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